About Us


What is Let's Make Dinner?

Let's Make Dinner is a locally owned meal preparation business.  Our goal is for you to have great home cooked meals regardless of how busy or challenging life may be. We give our customers the option of assembling their own meals or purchasing the meals already prepared. All of our meals are designed to be placed in the freezer for quick, healthy and home-cooked dishes you and your family will love.  Simple cooking instructions and nutritional information are included on every package. We also offer delivery service to the elderly, disabled and those recovering from illness/injury as we realize this will help lessen the burden on family and friends.     

We'll Make it For You!

Of course, we realize life is busy and sometimes just doesn't allow us the time and/or energy to prepare our own meals.  Let's Make Dinner will prepare your meals for you.  Our freezer is stocked with already assembled meals from the current month’s menu.  You are welcome to walk in during our regular store hours and pick up meals.  It is best if you order ahead of time.  Click on the "Order" button to order online.  Delivery is also available.
10 Meal Deal
    6 Serving Meals - $270
    3 Serving Meals - $135
    2 Serving Meals - $90
Or you may purchase individual meals:
    3 servings - $15    

    2 servings - $10 

Make Your Own Meals!

Make Your Own Meals is available again.  It's like cooking on television! .  We provide all of the ingredients, prep work and clean up; you prepare the meals to your personal taste and take them home to your freezer.  No need to worry about shopping, chopping or clean up - all you have to do is assemble and cook your home made meals.  Sessions are open to anyone. Come as a group or as an individual.  Sessions are held some weeknight evenings and on Saturday mornings.  If you need a special time, just give us a call.  When you make your own meals, you make 6 servings of each meal. You can package each of your meals in 2-serving, 3-serving or six-serving containers. 

  • 4 or 5 meals = $28 each
  • 6 or more meals = $25.00 each